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【大紀元2月7日訊】(美國之音記者6日報導) CHINESE BROADCASTERS, RESEARCH ASSISTANTS and WEB DEVELOPERS The Chinese Branch of the VOICE OF AMERICA seeks research assistants on a purchase order basis in Washington, D.C. Researchers conduct research, translate Chinese to English, and edit English. Must have fluent Mandarin, native English skills and strong knowledge of Asian studies. Journalism skills preferred.

The Chinese Branch seeks radio broadcasters on a purchase order basis in Washington, D.C. Broadcasters report, translate, write, voice or produce reports in Mandarin. Must have native ability in Standard Mandarin, a good voice, strong English skills and knowledge of current affairs. Journalism skills preferred. Voice audition required.

The Chinese Branch seeks talent to support email and web services on a purchase order basis in Washington, D.C. Must be fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English, have experience editing, researching, designing, and developing web pages/graphics, knowledge of Chinese-language computing environment and high level of HTML skills. Familiarity with current affairs a plus.

An examination will be required for all positions. Non-citizens holding an appropriate visa with work authorization may apply.

Email or fax to (202) 619-3765.

The Voice of America is an equal opportunity employer.


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