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Any day will do?哪一天都可以?

Any messages for me?有我的留言嗎?

Are you by yourself?你一個人來嗎?

All right with you?你沒有問題吧?

Are you free tomorrow?明天有空嗎?

Are you kidding me?你在跟我開玩笑吧?

As soon as possible!儘可能快!

Back in a moment!馬上回來!

Believe it or not!信不信由你!

Better luck next time!下次會更好!

Boy will be boys本性難移!

Come to the point!有話直說!

Do you accept plastic?收不收行用卡?

Does it keep long?可以保存嗎?

Don’t be so fussy!別挑剔了!

Don’t count to me!別指望我!

Don’t fall for it!不要上當!

Don’t get me wrong!你搞錯了!

Don’t give me that!少來這套!

Don’t let me down!別讓我失望!

Don’t lose your head!別樂昏了頭!

Don’t over do it!別做過頭了!

Don’t sit there daydreaming!別閒著做白日夢!

Don’t stand on ceremony!別太拘束!

Drop me a line!要寫信給我!

Easy come easy go!來得容易去得也快!

First come first served!先到先得!

Get a move on!快點吧!

Get off my back!不要嘲笑我!

Give him the works!給他點教訓!

Give me a break!饒了我吧!

Give me a hand!幫我一個忙!

Great minds think alike!英雄所見略同!

I’ll treat you to lunch.午餐我請你!

In one ear,out the other ear.一耳進,一耳出!

I’m spaced-out!我開小差了!

I beg your pardon!請你再說一遍!

I can’t afford that!我付不起!

I can’t follow you!我不懂你說的!

I can’t help it!我情不自禁!

I couldn’t reach him!我聯絡不上他!

I cross my heart!我發誓是真的!

I don’t mean it!我不是故意的!

I feel very miserable!我好沮喪!

I have no choice!我別無選擇了!

I watch my money!視財如命!

I’ll be in touch!保持聯絡!

I’ll check it out!我去看看!

I’ll show you around!我帶你四處逛逛!

I’ll see to it!我會留意的!

I’m crazy for you!我為你瘋狂!

You make me jump!你下了我一跳!

Make up your mind.作個決定吧!

Make yourself at home!就當在家一樣!

My mouth is watering!我要流口水了!

Never heard of it!沒聽說過!

Nice talking to you!很高興和你聊天!

No doubt about it!勿庸置疑!

No pain no gain!不經一事,不長一智!

None of your business!要你管?

There is nothing on your business!這沒你的事!

Now you are really talking!說得對!

Please don’t rush me!請不要吹促我!

Please keep me informed!請一定要通知我!

She looks blue today.她今天很憂鬱!

She is under the weather.她心情不好!

So far,so good.過得去。

Speaking of the devil!一說曹操,曹操就到!

Stay away from me!離我遠一點!

Stay on the ball!集中注意力!

That makes no difference.不都一樣嗎?

That’s a touchy issue!這是個辣手得問題!

That’s always the case!習以為常!

That’s going too far!這太離譜了!

That’s more like that!這才像話嘛!

The answer is zero!白忙了!

The dice is cast!已成定局了!

The same as usual!一如既往!

The walls have ears!隔牆有耳!

There you go again!你又來了!

Time is running out!沒有時間了!

We better get going!最好馬上就走 !文章來源:qihoo 

2008-09-20 10:41 AM
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