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1、中共政协是统战系统最高级别的,由一名政治局常委任主席(俞正声)。中共中央统战部是中共中央具体操作统战工作的机构,直属分管统战的政治局常委领导,负责制定政策、收集情报和日常管理。 (The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) is the highest level of organisation in their system of united front work, with Yu Zhengsheng as its current chairman. Yu is a member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of theCentral Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The United Front Work Department (UFWD) of the CPC Central Committee is the organisation responsible for the operation of the united front work, which is under the direct leadership of the Standing Committee member of the Politburo of the CPC, who is in charge of this area. The UFWD is responsible for policy making, information collection and the daily management of all united front work.)

2、政协由政党、团体和组织组成,其中组织中的和统会是级别最高的,由分管统战的政治局常委任会长。世界各地180多个和统会在各国注册,但受北京领导。 (The China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPNR) has three types of subunits – the Parties, the Groups and the Organisations. The CCPPNR is the highest level of organisation in the CPPCC’s united front work; its president is a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee. There are over 130 sub-councils registered around the world under the name of Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China (CPPRC). All these councils are under the leadership of Beijing.)

3、政协/统战部系统有9个党派(中共和八个民主党派)、至少8个团体和9个统战组织,这些是一级统战组织。每个组织之下又成立更多组织,很迷惑人。看到名片上的组织和头衔,一般都可以查出隶属于9个组织之一。如侨商联合会隶属于全国侨联,也就属于统战组织。 (There are nine parties in the system of the CPPCC and the UFWD (the CPC plus eight democratic parties), at least eight groups and nine united front work organisations; under each, there are even more organisations, which can be rather confusing. However, one can often see the connection to one of the nine united front work organisations, which is usually obvious from members’ name cards. For example, the various Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Associations around the world are affiliated organisations of the China Federations of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs (CFOCE) and therefore part of the united front work organisations.)

4、中共党或政府机构太露骨,对外往往有一个不容易觉察和听上去比较中性的名称,如国务院侨办对外往往用“中国海外交流协会”(China Overseas Exchange Association, COEA); 而中共中央统战部的对外招牌是: 中华海外联谊会(CHINA OVERSEAS FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATION,COFA)( To conceal their direct association with the CPC and the Chinese government, these organisations usually take a neutral name when dealing with other countries. For example, the Overseas Affairs Office of the State Council is disguised as the China Overseas Exchange Association (COEA), while the UFWD of the CPC Central Committee is publicly known as the China Overseas Friendship Association (COFA).)

5、统战组织是中共用于统战的工具,在统战组织中任重要职务的,或本人是中共党员的,就是执行统战任务而不是被统战的对象。 5. The UFWD organisations are tools of the CPC and those with important positions in these organisations are either CPC members themselves or people who are willing to carry out the tasks of the CPC’s united front work (rather than people who are the target of such work). For example, the chairmen of CCPPNR branches in other countries should be considered agents of foreign principles, not targets of the united front work.

6、澳洲是唯一一个西方主要民主国家中退休和在任政客成为和统会成员的。非洲有些国家有。 (Australia is the only Western democratic country where some former and present politicians have become members of the CCPPNR. There are similar cases in some African countries.)

7、海外华文媒体有几类,一类是中共自己办的,其中就有一部分归侨办管,另一些属宣传系统,如香港大公报文汇报,不是统战系统的。还有受中共控制的没有列出。只列出了统战系统的。 (There are a few types of overseas Chinese media. Some are run by the CPC itself, such as those run by the Overseas Affairs Office of the State Council; some are run by the propaganda department, such as Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po (newspapers) in Hong Kong. Those on the list are overseas media under the direct control of the CPC. (In Chinese, they are called fake overseas media (假外媒))

8. 统战系统归中共管,即使在国务院设置相应机构,仍然是中共的业务。 (The united front work is led by the CPC. Even though they have corresponding ministries or departments in the State Council, these organs are part of the CPC operation.)#


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