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Great Expert of Real estate agent – Richard Chae

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Epoch Times  Nov. 28, 2018

Richard Chae has 18 years of real estate experience.

His Korean name崔明洙is has the same pronunciation as “名手”, which means the great expert in a professional field. Richard, is indeed a great expert in real estate.

Why is Richard a great expert?

First of all, the customers who have listened to his words on buying or selling a house, like his thoughtful service and have gained profit. Richard has worked in several prestigious real estate brokerage firms for the past 18 years. Each real estate company has it’s own strengths and cultures.

Richard fully absorbs those strengths and cultures. When he worked at Home Life New World, which is one of the biggest brokerage firms with many Chinese clients, he understood the needs and characteristics of the many Chinese customers. So whether the client is a Westerner, a Korean or a Chinese, he can provide very good service.

Aurora  House (Richard provides)

Richard has a very thorough understanding of the real estate cycle. Therefore, he will advise customers when to buy or sell, according to the market situation. For example, last spring, when a guest wanted to buy a house, Richard felt that the house price was already too high. He advised him to wait until the market was more rational. The guest did not listen. He went to another real estate agent and rushed to buy a house that was highly priced. Consequently, this year, this particular client experienced a decrease in home value. When clients listen to Richard’s advise, they buy low and sell high and have earned solid profits.

Another reason why Richard is known as a great expert, is that he can get 100% trust from customers. He is very patient. Whether a customer makes a decision after two years or sends an offer in after one day, Richard treats everyone equally. After a customer has done business with him, they become a lifelong customer.

Aurora Townhouse(Richard provides)

If his customer wants to go back to Korea during the process of selling a house, the process will be suspended for a period of time, according to the normal procedure. However, because of the high trust clients have in Richard, the customer gives him the house key and lets him continue with the sale.

Richard is well versed in both commercial and residential properties. The famous Owl Korean Restaurant is also his client. He is now mainly engaged in housing, Condo and Pre-construction real estate. Richard knows when it is a good time to buy, or sell or hold.  Richard’s advice is to buy now. He feels for long term, the real estate in GTA will  go up.

Richard can speak Korean and English. He can provide very good service to westerners, Koreans and Chinese.

To buy and sell a house, come to see Richard Chae!

Richard Chae

Home Life Frontier Realty Inc.

Mobile Phone:(647) 933-0978