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欧洲议会副主席爱德华.麦克米兰-斯考特先生(Edward McMillan-Scott)(大纪元图片)

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【大纪元7月22日讯】(大纪元记者南希华盛顿DC报导) 2007年7月20日上午10:00, 来自世界各地的两千多位民众聚集在美国首都的华盛顿纪念碑北广场,声援二千四百万中国民众退出中共。来自纽约、波士顿的几十位华人在集会现场宣誓退出中共, 另有二十几位大陆民众通过现场直播集会的希望之声国际广播电台宣布退出中共。集会后进行了声援中国民众退出中共游行。

欧洲议会副主席爱德华.麦克米兰-斯考特先生(Edward McMillan-Scott)特意自欧洲布鲁塞尔针对2007年7月20日在华府华盛顿纪念碑举行的“声援二千四百万民众退出中共华盛顿国际集会” 发来声援信 (大纪元图片)

欧洲议会副主席爱德华.麦克米兰-斯考特先生(Edward McMillan-Scott)致信声援集会。以下是中文译文全文及英文信。







First of all, I congratulate all of those who have today traveled from various parts of the world to Washington DC to show your support for this rally.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the persecution of Falun Gong in China by the Chinese Communist regime. Up until now, millions of Falun Gong practitioners in
China have suffered terribly as a result of the regime’s brutal dictatorship, in addition to many Christians, Catholics, Tibetans and human rights defenders also. Sadly, the constant intimidation and harassment by public security personnel of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng is to name but one.

Having committed such horrible crimes and embodying an evil that can only be considered unpardonable, the Chinese Communist Party is destined to collapse. The West should support the defense of Chinese people’s rights and freedoms and turn its back on the economic illusion being peddled by the CCP.

I support the 24 million brave Chinese who have quit the CCP and its affiliates and encourage more to do the same. We in the West are with the Chinese people and support any actions that will end this communist regime in a peaceful way. The West welcomes a new China that is without communism. This is a China that the Chinese people both long for and deserve.

I wish the rally every success.

Edward McMillan-Scott

欧洲议会副主席爱德华.麦克米兰-斯考特先生(Edward McMillan-Scott)特意发来声援信 (大纪元图片)


2007-07-22 12:27 AM
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