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【大紀元2016年02月04日訊】Dux College是一所為9-12年級學生提供補習課程並專門輔導學生備考HSC的學校。提供的課程可有效提升學生在校成績和排名,幫助他們獲得6級HSC成績(Band 6,即90-100分),使學生的ATAR成績達到最優。Dux College的HSC畢業生中有81%的學生ATAR成績超過90分,70%的學生在他們報名的學科中獲得了6級成績。

學校在Parramatta及Bondi Junction設有校址,Bankstown的新校址也即將開始啟用。學生在決定報名之前可以先預訂一個自己感興趣的學科做免費試聽

Dux College學校概況

Dux College由2位專業教師Jacqui和Hong於2008年創立。這兩位創辦者都曾在HSC考試中獲得驕人佳績,他們希望通過創辦補習中心系統幫助學生在HSC考試中取得理想的成績。

Dux College的學生們正在聽課。(Dux College提供)

紐省的多數學校教學質量均屬一般水平——而真正關心ATAR成績的學生到哪裡能夠獲得並保持其競爭優勢呢?這部分學生通常會抱怨學校老師的教學水平不夠高,同時會尋找補習教育,如HSC補習課程。HSC系統以排名取勝,因此競爭是核心。了解到悉尼在HSC專門教學上是個空白領域之後,Jacqui和Hong決定創辦Dux College悉尼補習中心,專門針對學生HSC考試做輔導,讓學生們雄心勃勃的目標得以實現。


Dux College的補習教師在各自的學科上均具有省級資格或ATAR成績在99分以上。學校教師擅於溝通,不同的學生需要不同的輔導,在一對一教學中,教師因材施教。


Dux College為9-12年級學生開設補習課程如下:

12年級 – HSC

‧ English Adv
‧ Maths (General, 2u, 3u, 4u)
‧ Physics
‧ Chemistry
‧ Biology
‧ Economics

‧ 1 on 1 for some other subjects 11年級–初級

‧ English Adv
‧ Maths (General, 2u, 3u)
‧ Physics
‧ Chemistry
‧ Biology
‧ Economics

‧ 1 on 1 for some other subjects 10年級–領先II

‧ English
‧ Maths
‧ Science 9年級–領先I
‧ English
‧ Maths
‧ Science


Dux College重點培養學生的考試技巧,即學生在考試中對於給定考題在打分規則下如何去應答的能力。這很重要,因為HSC的評分員通常是遵循一個嚴格的打分規則給分,了解這一規則並知道如何應對就非常關鍵。

課堂上的學生。(Dux College提供)

Dux College的互動教學讓每個學生融入課堂,教師會把難題化成難度不大的小問題讓大家參與進來,鼓勵學生提出問題。並且每週會給學生留家庭作業,作業都是與HSC考試同樣模式的題目以供學生不斷的在練習中提高應試能力。




2014年下半年,一名來自Cherrybrook Tech學校的12年級學生在Dux College的Parramatta分校參加了HSC物理課補習。她需要在HSC考試的複習初段獲得高質量的指導,她是Dux College補習學院的一名成績很好的學生推薦過來的。


她備考HSC的全過程一直在Dux College這裡補習。到2015年第一學期末,她在這半年來進步顯著,內部學科排名從67/81躍居第16名。到2015年第三學期始,她在HSC模擬考試中再次實現了自己的預期,考到了年級第三名!2015年12月16日,HSC放榜——她告訴Dux College的老師——她的物理成績為94分,而她學校的老師還曾經斷言她會因這門學科而拉低成績。Sanjna 你真棒!


一名來自James Ruse High School的學生參加了Dux College在Parramatta的2015年第一學期英語高級班課程。這名學生在精英中學本來就是個尖子生,只是想保持名次並在那幾個有限的競爭者裡不失去優勢。他特別需要6級標準的寫作輔導。2015年12月16日,他寫郵件告訴Dux College,他的英語成績考到了6級的高分及在本學科中省內的可能排名。祝賀你 William!


Dux College目前有兩個校址:

Parramatta (總校)
Ground Floor, 30 Cowper St Parramatta
(02) 8007 6824

Bondi Junction
Level 1, 237 Oxford St Bondi Junction
(02) 8002 1081


報名前可以先預訂試聽課程一次。可致電或登錄Dux College的網站http://dc.edu.au/預訂。


Dux College provides tutoring for years 9, 10, 11 and 12 and specialises in the HSC. Our programs improve students’ ranks and marks at school, and help them attain band 6 HSC results and maximise their ATAR. Over 81% of Dux College HSC graduates attain an ATAR of 90+, and over 70% attain a band 6 result in their enrolled subjects. We are located in Parramatta and Bondi Junction, with a location in Bankstown coming soon. New students can book a free trial lesson for any subjects they’re interested in, before deciding whether to enrol.

About Dux College

Dux College was founded in 2008 by two professional teachers, Jacqui and Hong, who were passionate about helping students achieve their HSC goals. Having done extremely well themselves for their own HSC, they sought to create a system that reproduces their own success.

An area that’s severely lacking is the quality of teaching at most schools across NSW, stemming from the fact that the average teacher at the average school is only able to cater to the average student at best – what about students that actually care about their ATAR? Where do they go to attain and maintain a competitive edge over their peers? Such students often primarily complain about the lack of quality teaching at school and seek out supplementary education such as HSC tutoring . The HSC system is inherently rank based, and competition is the heart of the game. Dux College understands the needs of students in this situation, and caters completely to every aspect of their academic life, from year 9 to 12. Realising a lack of tutors and tutoring centres in Sydneythat specialise in the HSC, Jacqui and Hong decided to form Dux College, an organisation specifically catering to students preparing for the HSC. We make our students’ ambitious goals achievable.

Today, Dux College is the choice of 300+ HSC students across Sydney each year – we run over 40 classes every week and have over 20 state-ranking tutors helping our students get band 6 results and achieve their ATAR goals.

Our tutors

Dux College’s team of tutors have all attained a state rank in the subject(s) they teach, or have attained an ATAR of 99+ and are currently studying or have completed related undergraduate studies.

Dux College carefully selects tutors that are not only subject area experts, but excellent communicators. Our tutors cater to the students individually, according to their needs and abilities. We understand students learn in different ways and at different paces, some students are shy and need a push to interact. Our tutors incorporate all these considerations in their teaching and our small classes ensure individualised focus is not sacrificed in a class environment.

Here are some example staff profiles, to give you a feel for the standard of academic staff at Dux College:
• Teaches Mathematics Extension 1, 2, Physics, Chemistry at Dux College
• 99.85 UAI, 2nd in NSW for Mathematics Extension 2, state ranks in Chemistry, Physics and Maths Ext 1
• BComm/LLB at UNSW (HD average) Jason
• Teaches Physics at Dux College
• 99.95 ATAR, 1st in NSW for HSC Physics in 2010
• Completing MBBS at USyd (a course that only accepts 7 per year)
• Teaches HSC Maths Extension 2 and Physics at Dux College
• 99.85 ATAR in 2008, 1st in NSW for Maths Ext 2
• Completed BSc (Adv. Maths) at UNSW
• Senior Manager at Commonwealth Bank
• Teaches HSC English at Dux College
• B.Arts (PhD) with special interest in Australian Political History
• Lecturer and tutor of undergraduate law courses at UTS
• Teaches Chemistry and Biology at Dux College
• 99.95 ATAR, 1st in NSW for Biology and Chemistry
• BSc (Adv. Science) at USyd

Subjects offered

Dux College runs courses for years 9 to 12 for the following subjects:
Year 12 – HSC
• English Adv
• Maths (General, 2u, 3u, 4u)
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Economics
• 1 on 1 for some other subjects
Year 11 – Preliminary
• English Adv
• Maths (General, 2u, 3u)
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Economics
• 1 on 1 for some other subjects Year 10 – Headstart II
• English
• Maths
• Science Year 9 – Headstart I
• English
• Maths
• Science

Dux College typically offers courses for high scaling subjects. This is because students who want to achieve a high ATAR for entry into a specific university course are better advised to do high scaling subjects. At the same time, high scaling subjects tend to be more difficult and students can often benefit from some external guidance, such as joining our classes. Average teachers at average schools often struggle to completely deliver the full depth of the syllabus outcomes and requirements for these demanding courses.

Our approach to teaching

Dux College runs 2 hour weekly lessons for each subject. We cover a small part of the syllabus each week, culminating in comprehensive coverage of syllabus outcomes and requirements as the year progresses. The pace our classes maintain is slightly accelerated compared to most schools, and can be likened to a high ranking selective school. However, we find the pace is manageable in a small class of motivated students.

In addition to thorough coverage of all conceptual content, Dux College classes place a heavy emphasis on coverage proper exam technique. Exam technique refers to a student’s ability to structure their responses appropriate to the marking criteria for a given question they attempt. This skill is extremely important throughout high school leading up to the HSC, because HSC markers always follow a strict marking criteria in deciding whether to award full marks. We thoroughly cover every possible exam situation and how to structure a response for band 6 in all of our courses. Our students become fully prepared for their assessments and exams, both in terms of conceptual understanding, and also how to appropriately structure their responses to fully satisfy the marking criteria.

During class, content is covered, with contextual reference made to relevant exam situations whenever relevant. Students are actively encouraged to participate as we believe an interactive class environment assists with student learning. Our tutors are skilled at breaking down difficult concepts into manageable pieces for students to internalise, and class discussion is fostered to encourage students asking questions.
Homework is given each week, in the style of HSC exam questions. They are fully marked each week in the same style as HSC markers do (using a strict criteria) – if a student doesn’t receive full marks for any particular question, the marker puts comments on what is missing from their response. All this works to build familiarity with the style of exam questions and marking regime HSC students are exposed to and need to become proficient at.

Past results and case studies

Over the past 5 years, we’ve enjoyed an 81% rate of graduates achieving an ATAR above 90, counting only the students who have been with us from the first term of their HSC. Over 70% of the same lot achieve a band 6 in their enrolled subjects. The median ATAR for our Maths Extension 2 class varies from 98 to 99 each year.
Here are some recent situations that we’ve helped with:

Case study 1:
A student from Cherrybrook Tech joined our HSC Physics class in Parramatta in late 2014 as a new year 12 student. She wanted to get high quality support for the beginning of their HSC and was referred to us by a friend that’s been doing well at school and was at the time already our student.

The student was also in need of some remedial help of her weak foundations in the subject, as the teacher at school has not been explaining concepts in a way that she understood since year 10.

She remained with us throughout her HSC. By late Term 1 2015, she did remarkably well for her half yearlies, her internal subject rank went from 67/81 to 16th. By early Term 3 2015, she outperformed her expectations again in her HSC Trials, coming 3rd in the grade! On 16/12/15, HSC results were released – she texted us her results – she ended up with a 94 in Physics, and recalled that she was initially advised to drop it by her school teachers. Well done Sanjna!

Case study 2:
A student from James Ruse High School joined our HSC English Adv classes in Parramatta in Term 1 2015. The student was already doing quite well at a top ranked selective school, but wanted to maintain his ranks and get an edge over his few competitors. He especially wanted help with structuring essays at a band 6 standard. On 16/12/15, he notified us by email of a high band 6 for English Adv and a possible state rank in the subject. Well done William!

Contact us

Dux College is currently in two locations:
Parramatta (Head office)
Ground Floor, 30 Cowper St Parramatta
(02) 8007 6824
Bondi Junction
Level 1, 237 Oxford St Bondi Junction
(02) 8002 1081

Book a free trial lesson!
New students can book a free trial lesson before deciding to enrol for a term. Bookings can be done by calling us, or online at our website http://dc.edu.au/


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