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For ad inquires or any other inquires, please contact Calgary Epoch Times (中文在後).

The Epoch Times
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Calgary address: #3, 1916 – 30 Ave NE Calgary AB Canada T2E 7B2
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About us

The Epoch Times, established in 2000, is the most influential newspaper and has the biggest circulation in Calgary, where it is published in both Chinese and English.

The Epoch Times Calgary edition is published on Friday with over 50,000 readership, which is covering over 300 locations including all Real Canadian Superstores, Asian restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, community centres, bus & C-Train stations through news boxes, stands, and racks. Its circulation has grown 66% in the past four years.

The Epoch Times is the most influential provider of local content in Chinese outside of China. The Epoch Times Calgary Life Net was launched in May 2017, offering local resources in Chinese that covers news, health, immigration, real-estate, Auto, financial investment, education, consuming guidance, food, travel, and so on. It is devoted to offering the most interesting, practical, richest, and latest news and life information, helping readers to find solutions to their life problems and to improve their quality of life.

Worldwide, The Epoch Times is published in 21 languages online and 8 languages in print and distributed in 35 countries. The weekly circulation reaches over 1.5 million worldwide, making it one of the few newspapers in the world to have global reach in print.

The Epoch Times has won two prestigious awards in North America: “Asian American Journalists Association National Award” in the United States and “National Ethnic Press and Media Council Award” in Canada. In addition, there is a strong presence on the Internet in Chinese, English, French, and other languages, with daily traffic of up to 6 million pages.

One of the biggest features of The Epoch Times is its timely, in-depth reporting on China. It has established a vast network of journalists who are dedicated to providing truthful information about China to our readers even at their own personal risk.

The Epoch Times is fully committed to its readers and business partners. It follows the creed: Credibility, Trust, and Value, and has taken the interests of its readers and advertisers as the number one priority in conducting its business.

The Epoch Times media group serves over 100 million English-speaking audiences around the world through its digital and social platforms. Among its English-speaking audiences are influencers, decision-makers, business leaders, educated intellectuals, food lovers, health and fitness enthusiasts, Jet-set travelers, millennials, and kind hearted people who resonate with the message of humanity, compassion and hope.

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地址:#3, 1916 – 30 Ave NE Calgary AB Canada T2E 7B2