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What I Encountered after Being Secretly Tossed into a Male Prison Cell in Masanjia (2)


Recollections of a Female Prisoner of Conscience in China By Yin Liping


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5. Masanjia Secretly Imprisoned Me in a Dark Male Prison

My difficult seven months in Masanjia dealing with the devils ended on April 19, 2001, I will not forget this day for the whole of my life.

n the morning of that day, Zhang Xiurong called my name asking me to pack up my things. I didn’t know why I was the only one of the 30 in the room to pack up and to bring luggage. While wondering, Zhao Suhuan of the room across the hallway was also called, the two of us carrying luggage were taken to the courtyard where a bus was parking. There were many male guards. Then the Squad Captains also came out, and then the vicious guards brought out, one by one, Falun Gong practitioners who were not “transformed” under brutal torture, a total of ten. Zou Guirong was the last one out because she was confined separately. I didn’t know which Squad Captain said, “This time we’ve found a good place for you to practice, to enable you to practice well.”Zou asked, “Where were you taking us to?” No one answered.

Before leaving, I realized that we were not going to come back. I looked at the two Captains who tortured me and wanted very much to say something to them. I mustered up the courage walking to Captain Wang Naimin. I said in tears to her, “Please judge well between your work and matters of Falun Gong. Be kind to Falun Gong practitioners.” There was no malice in her eyes and she forced a smile at me helplessly. I took a look at Zhang Xiurong. The scenes of being persecuted by her appeared in my head one by one. She was one year younger than me. We could have been friends if the persecution had not happened. Sorrow and pity grew in my heart. I opened my thin and weak arms and walked over to her and hugged her. I whispered to her, “You must be a little sharper. There will be accounts to clear at the end of this matter. You should not participate in it.” She suddenly and rapidly whispered in my ear in fluster, “You’re sick, remember you’re sick, and you have illness.” I didn’t know what that urgent exhortation meant, but I was certain that there was not a shred of malice. Later on, I came to know that she knew where I was being taken to and what I would face.

The ten of us (Zou Guirong, Zhao Suhuan, Ren Dongmei, Zhou Yanbo, Wang Li, Wang Min, Wang Keyi, an older woman Qu, etc) were handcuffed by male guards and boarded that big bus. There were a few electric batons on the bus and the bus drove to the male Brigade. Two male Falun Gong practitioners were escorted by male guards and boarded the bus. One of the male Falun Gong practitioner was Peng Geng (who was later persecuted to death by the sinful CCP), and the other one’s name I don’t know.

The bus stopped suddenly, having arrived at a male Labor Camp. I didn’t know where this place was at the time but I learned later from that it was Zhangshi Labor Camp where there were black jails specifically for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. To the outside, it was Zhangshi Labor and Reeducation Camp.

In the courtyard, we lined up. A group of people from somewhere else also lined up opposite us. One of two beefy guards held a name list. After the roll call, he started reading an ordinance from higher-up regarding practitioners who were not “transformed.” It read: “To practitioners not transformed: being beaten to death is death in vain as beating to death counts as suicide …” There were many other frightening words that I didn’t remember. This was Jiang Zemin’s order! The other guards holding electric batons deployed two male prisoners to film us.

Peng Geng and another male Falun Gong practitioner were taken away. Then the ten of us were taken to a little white building of the male Squad. When we arrived, they took the blood pressure of every one of us. Falun Gong practitioner Qu was taken away, and the other nine of us remained there. At the front door of the little white building was the shift guard’s room. At its side was a iron-barred door,. Behind the iron-barred door was a door layered with very thick soundproofing.

The nine of us were dispatched to nine different rooms. I was assigned to the first one. In the room, was a large double bed and a wooden cloth stand. Four men were already in the room. When I went to the toilet, I saw more than 30 men of different ages sleeping in a large room. I was somewhat afraid as I didn’t know what this place was, who they were or why so many men were lying on the floor sleeping. I had the answer in the evening.

At around 10pm, I asked the middle-aged men who had been in my room all along, “Why don’t you leave my room as I want to go to bed.” One of them said, “Sleep? You want to sleep? Haha! In here, no “transform” no sleep. There was a female here, “practiced” for 18 days, didn’t sleep, and finally became psychotic from practice.”

不一會兒,他們被換了班去睡覺了,又進來四、五個,不一會兒又進來一群,他們在走廊裏大聲喧嘩,吵鬧,砸門,不停的說著難聽的話語,到我的屋裏踹門而入,手拿錄影機對著我就亂錄,突然走廊裏傳來了鄒桂榮淒慘的喊叫,她不停的喊著我的名字,「麗萍,麗萍,我們從狼窩又被馬三家送到了虎穴,這個政府都在耍流氓 了!」
Shortly after that, they went to sleep and four or five others came, followed shortly by another group of people. They made a lot of loud noise banging doors, and kept on shouting dirty words, kicking open my room door and holding a camcorder taping me indiscriminately. Suddenly, I heard Zou Quigong’s tragic scream coming from the hallway. She kept on calling out my name, “Li–ping, Li-ping, we were sent from a wolf’s den to a tiger cave by Masanjia. This government is playing hoodlum!”

聽到她淒慘的叫喊,我拚命的衝了出去。鄒桂榮也拚命的衝到了走廊,我抱住鄒桂榮死死的不撒手,看管我們的男犯不停的打我們,我拚命的護著瘦小的鄒桂榮,我的右眼角骨被打凸起來,身上的衣服全被撕裂掉,褲子在腳面上,衣服在脖子下,幾乎一絲不掛。我和鄒桂榮都被拽回了房。他們四、五個男犯人把我扔到了床上,有摁胳膊,摁腿的,其中一個三十多歲的男人騎在了我身上打我(後來得知此人叫武傳金,幾年前已死於癌症)。我被打的暈頭轉向,終於躺在了床上。As I heard her dreadful cries, I rushed out with all my strength. Zou also rushed out to the hallway desperately. I held Zou and wouldn’t let go. The guards in charge kept on beating us. I risked my life to protect the little skinny Zou; the corner bone of my right eye bulged out from the beating; my clothes were all torn, my pants dropped onto my feet, my clothes fell from the neck, I was almost naked. Zou and I were dragged back to the room. Four or five male inmates threw me on the bed. Some pressed down my arms, some pressed down my legs. A man about thirty years old sat on top of me and beat me(Later I learned that his name is Wu Chuanjin. He had died from cancer several years ago.). I was disoriented from the beating and finally passed out on the bed.

When I came to, three men were lying beside me: one on my left (Wu Chuanjin), two on my right. Of the two on my right, the one next to me kept on touching my body. He was merely a boy, less than twenty years old. The one next to him was also busy with his hands. The one on my left was dirty too. He kept on scratching my face with his hands and pushing my genitals with his leg. There was one sat on the floor above my head, his hands kept on feeling my head and face, and said obscene words with no relation to anything. There were two others standing between my legs; one videotaping, one watching; both kept on saying filthy words. There were a few standing below me scratching the bottom of my feet, laughing wildly while talking dirty; they kept on saying, “Don’t play dead. You’ll still have to “transform” even if you’re dead.”

我無法相信眼前這一幕,一口鮮血湧到嗓子眼。我的思維又一次的靜止下來,床上,床下,床左,床右一切的一切喧囂,好像離我是那麼的遠,那麼的遙遠。我的思維定格在了學校:從小學到初中老師們教我的愛祖國,愛黨,愛人民,社會主義好,撿到一分錢要交給警察叔叔,這的一切一切的思維瞬間在我的腦海裏浮現然後瞬間崩毀瓦解,腦子裏出現了邪黨的黨旗,黨旗在灰暗的空間飄蕩著,一群幽靈在鐮刀斧頭下狂笑悠蕩著。這一幕絕非形容,是那 時腦中真實所見。那個聲稱「偉大、光榮、正確」的黨它原來如此的流氓。
I couldn’t believe what was happening. A mouthful of blood rushed to my throat. Once my thoughts calmed down, all clamor above, below, left and right of the bed seemed so far away from me, so distant. My thoughts fixed on schools, from elementary to high school, where teachers taught us to love our homeland, love the Party, love the people, socialism was good, turn in the money you found to the police uncle – all these thoughts flashed in my head, then crumbled instantly. Then the sinful Party’s flag appeared in my head; it was waving in a murky space, where a crowd of phantoms were swinging and laughing wildly. By no means am I just saying this, it is truly what I saw in my head. That so-called “great, glorious and correct” Party was actually such a villain.

In the midst of chaotic noise, I heard Zou Guirong’s tragic cries, “Li-ping!Li-ping! ” It was as if I was in a dream, but no, it wasn’t a dream, I was certain it wasn’t a dream. This tragic cry again brought my thoughts back to this awful hell on earth. I couldn’t hear the chaotic noise around me, couldn’t see anything. I struggled to get up and look for that familiar voice. The “devil” door guard smashed my head with a free-standiong clothes rack. A stream of blood flowed down my face instantly. I struggled to stand up with no thoughts of life and death any more. Nobody could stop me. I charged into the door with my whole body desperately smashing into it. I kept on calling Zou’s name. She rushed to my room, picked me up, and dashed toward that sinful iron door.

The two of us together banged hard on that iron door. Finally the door opened. We both were already badly bruised. Facing the guard we had no concern for life or death anymore, and questioned him, “Is this the Labor Camp in China? Why does the government bully us this way? Don’t you have a mother, wife, sisters, and aunts? Is all this hooliganism here on behalf of the country? If these men don’t leave our room today, I will remember this day, and that today, April 19, 2001 you were on duty this evening. If we get out of here alive, I will sue you. If we die here, our souls will never let you off.” Our endurance by no means was unlimited. After he heard what I said, he summoned the male prisoners who watched us and told them to make sure we weren’t hurt, and to let us be together tonight, and sleep.

We were taken back to my room. Everything calmed down. Only four males remained watching us. We looked at each other in tears and didn’t close our eyes the whole night. Every now and then, the noise of door knocking, smashing, and howling from other rooms reached in from the hallway.

On April 20, when the guards changed shift, Zou Guirong was taken back to the other room. I saw a male prisoner, a handy man, reporting with the minutes of last night in his hand. In a little while, the “devils” of last night came back to my room holding video recorders and accompanied by a woman carrying a lot of Dafa books. They read a section and explained it in an evilly twisted way to me. As they saw I refused to “learn” from them, the man, who sat on top of me and beat me the previous night(Wu Chuanjin), picked me up from the floor threw me on the bed and beat me, then asked me why I didn’t “learn”? “Don’t you want to learn and practice?” I said, “I had committed no crime, and this wasn’t the place for me to learn the Fa. Why would I want to learn here? Why imprison someone to learn?” They recorded in a notebook every word I said and showed it to me to see if it was correct. When we were having dinner, looking at the food, I could not eat it anymore. I was weak and exhausted.

In the evening, what happened last night was repeated because the guards on duty tonight had changed. Zou Guirong was again beaten and chased to my room. I got up and spat out a mouthful of blood on the floor. At that moment, all sounds stopped. Zou cried out my name. All this was reported to the Captain. Zou stayed to take care of me but even then they didn´t stop persecuting Zou, asking her to “learn” from them as they misquoted the Fa. Zhou hadn´t seen (the picture of ) Master or read Master’s speeches for a long time. She reached for the book. I told her, with the little strength left in me, that we couldn´t learn here, that would be shameful … She understood me, looked at me, then put the book down. I looked at poor Zou and said, “We must learn the Fa well when we return home.”

That group of devils again kept us awake the whole night. Later on, the man who stood by the head of my bed earlier said my head and body were too hot to touch and that I might be dying. Every one of them came to touch my head and body, and went quiet. We don´t know how we got through that night.

On the third day, Zou Guirong and I thought of Ren Dongmei. She was an unmarried young woman in the innermost room. Having no thought of life and death anymore, the two of us rushed to the hallway shouting to expose the viciousness and calling Ren’s name. Didn´t eat or drink or sleep for three days, and with a fever I looked for the guard to tell him in tears that Ren was an unmarried young girl. I told him, “If there is any human nature left in you, you will not let her be hurt. You have daughters too.”

On the fourth day, a group of guards came. Zou and I were taken away by two male guards. Before leaving, we kept on calling Ren’s name. Ren was taken out later too. It was hard to tell how the other six Falun Gong practitioners got by in there. Later on, narrowly escaping death, they were also secretly and illegally imprisoned in Shenxin Labor Camp.

The nine of us Falun Gong practitioners could keep the purity of our souls only at the risk of our lives. For many years, I have never put down my experience in there because my spirit was so crumbled by it that I dared not relive it. Remembering it would trap me in extreme fear and pain.

Note: I learned later on that there were 33 “transformed” Falun Gong practitioners there before us. Some had gone insane from persecution; some were having relationship with male prisoners. In short, it was an extremely evil place where devils danced. The brutal persecution of male and female Falun Gong practitioners went on for years.



6. Shenxin Labor Camp Injured Me by Beating

The Camp yard here was very big with layers of iron doors, a place specifically for male general education personnel. The same as male inmates in Liaoyang and Masanjia Camps, they were mainly laborers, did labor work, sang, and were marched everyday in military style. Male Falun Gong practitioners were among them. Those who were determined not to be “transformed” would put in solitary confinement. In that year, female Falun Gong practitioners were also put in solitary confinement. The guards were transferred and organized at the last moment. At that time, the director of the Shenxin labor camp, Liu Jing, was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Squad Captains: Guo Yong, Song Xiaoshi, Deng Yang (female, the director assistant of Shenxin Labor Camp), etc. and eight female Captains whose names I didn´t remember, took turns watching and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners 24 hours a day.

Zou Guirong and I were taken to a prison guardhouse. The Captain in charge of persecuting Falun Gong was Guo Yong (more than 40 years old then). In the Captain’s Office, Zou and I told him our entire experience of being persecuted in several Labor Camps, and our hope that Shenxin Camp would not participate in the persecution of us. We asked for pens and paper, because we wanted to sue the various Camps for their inhumane persecution of us. At the time, we didn´t know where that black jail was. I told Captain Guo the wickedness there, and told him the government was playing hoodlum as they even put male and female together. If I didn´t experience it personally, I would not believe it no matter what; that was to say even I could not believe it because that kind of behavior completely exceeded the bottom line of my thoughts. I said to Guo, “Explain why Masanjia’s wickedness has gone to this level. Why do you have to insult us like this. Are you acting on behalf of the government? There are women too – why hurt their own kind like that, even animals wouldn´t. We were tortured four days and four nights without sleep before coming here. Guo said, “We won´t do that here. We have never persecuted Falun Gong here and we follow the law here. Bring your luggage, Captain so and so [a middle-aged female, I can´t remember her name] will take you to your room. Have a good sleep first then we will talk.” Zou, Ren and I indeed had a nice sleep; we had not been able to have a sleep like that for almost a year and half. After waking up, we looked around our cell. It was a room with top and bottom bunks on all four sides. There were only the three of us. There were no “personal monitors” (baojia)” 〔NOTE:”Baojia” are handpicked criminal inmates to persecute practitioners around the clock. The intent is to monitor and control Dafa practitioners, and assist guards in forcibly brainwashing Dafa practitioners. The guards often exert pressure and lure them with different benefits, forcing them to use all kinds of cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners.〕around us. It was as if we had just eaten our birthday cake. I can´t explain how happy we were. We almost forgot this was a Labor Camp.

The next day, Guo called Zou, Ren, and me to the Captain’s room. He said, “I have reported your situation to the higher-up. You can write appeals papers. Here are pens and paper for you, take them and write.” Zou and I thanked him and took the pens and paper back to our room. The three of us wrote the appeals papers of our persecution for the first time. A few days later, Guo asked a female Captain to submit what we wrote to the upper level. Because paper was scarce, what we submitted were the originals and once submitted we heard nothing. Zou heard from the Captain that her term was almost up. The Camp had contacted her family asking her family to persuade her to “transform”. They would not release her unless she was “transformed.” Zou told me that they should get the written appeals back and give them to her family to take out secretly and expose the situation. Then she walked to the iron barred door and asked Guo to return the appeals paper. There was no response after repeated requests. In a little while, two female Captains appeared inside the iron door scolding Zou, then angrily took out the iron door key, opened it, grabbed her, and took turns beating her in the hallway. Zou fell on the floor several times from beating. I saw the two female Captains became more and more vicious. Worrying that Zou might get hurt further, I rushed to the hallway, picked her up, and held her in my arms, protecting her from being beaten by these guards. The two Captains dragged me and beat me.

As they saw that I would not let go of Zou, Guo, who was standing outside of the iron door, walked over swiftly, grabbed my hair with his left hand and pulled backward while used one leg pushing against my waist, and smacked my head, neck and back with his right hand. The bones of my back were in acute pain. Two female Captains dragged and beat Zou. The two of us were therefore separated.

After that, I couldn´t lift my head for days, and my hair fell out all over the floor.


7. Longshan Labor Camp

On May 1, 2001, I was escorted alone to Longsan Labor Camp. It happened to be during major holidays. As soon as I got there, the shift Captain took me to the building detaining Falun Gong practitioners. Before dinner, the Camp asked everyone to write an ideological report. I wrote a brief history of my persecution, and about those Camps that turned the Falun Gong issue upside down asking people to tell lies senselessly all day long, etc. Within half an hour after I turned in my report, the shift Captain asked me to pack, and I was relocated to inside the iron door on the opposite side where they detained female general education personnel. In the evening, the shift guards said to me, “You must follow the rules here, not spread words that will be harmful to “transformation.” With more than 200 in Longsan Camp, the “transformation” rate has been nearly 100%; we couldn’t let you have negative repercussions on this.” I said, “If my words could truly cause that big an effect, don’t you think there are problems with your theory? Why try to “transform” knowing it is wrong?” He said, “You think we want to? You think what we think matters? You were sent here, you should have “transformed,” not waited until forced to. We are a dictatorship institute with all kinds of means – if necessary, we could use them all on you.” I said, “To a dead person what means do you have?” And I also said, “I would protest with a hunger strike, protest until the end of the illegal secret detentions and transfers for a long time – until the last breath of my life. Masanjia didn’t persecute me to death, I could die here to make Longshan Labor Camp infamous throughout the country.”

After that, every Captain on duty, including the then Camp Director Tang and Instructor Zhang, all talked to me. I explained to each of them the truth about Falun Gong and the means of persecution that I experienced in various Labor Camps. I also told them my thoughts and feelings. I told them that, in the process of this malicious persecution, I distinguish the just and evil. I wasn´t what they said – a stubborn Falun Gong person – I was someone who would rather die than follow them to be a sinner for all eternity, a thug, and an evil person. It was this I firmly stood by, and it was Falun Gong’s philosophy that helped me achieve this. If I simply relied on my own self I would not really be able to do it. If I didn’t read the book “Zhuan Falun”, how do you think I would deal with those who pocked me with needles? It was only right for all those involved in the persecution of me to thank Master Li Hongzhi. It was the cost of my life and the difficult choice of just and evil that enabled me to comprehend and realize this kind of transcendent realm. I didn´t used to understand Master Li Hongzhi, and I didn´t used to deeply comprehend “Falun Dafa is Good,” how good it is, but with your persecution, once the good and evil were clear, more and more I realized how good, how extraordinary Master was. I revered him from bottom of my heart because when I was in the most painful time and lost all personal interests, he taught me how to be a person. Don´t you think I should revere and respect this kind of righteous person? On the other hand, because of each truthful word that I said, the process of this evil persecution allowed me to witness so many ugly and evil features that no human language could describe the extent of its wickedness.”

Guards are human beings too. They all understood my words, yet they all said that their work was directed by the higher-ups, they simply did what the higher-ups asked them to do. No work, no livelihood. One Captain said, “If you weren´t here, you could go look for Jiang Zemin and sue him. We would be relieved then.” One day, when Longshan Labor Camp’s instructor Zhang was on duty, he whispered to me, “You must tell your family what has happened to you, or they wouldn´t even know how you died if you died. Jiang Zemin has given the order about Falun Gong that your death will be reported as suicide. You would be killed to prevent you from divulging secrets, understand?” I thanked him. He took his child, not yet seven years old, to work each day. I told his child that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance was good.

In Longshan Labor Camp, I met with my mother, child, and brother. That instructor intelligently helped me, having called my mother secretly.

In the ten days in Longshan Labor Camp, four female inmates took turns flanking me. This limited my actions. I told them in tears the truth about how we were persecuted and the beauty of Falun Gong. I taught them to recite “Hong Yin” [A Book of Poems by Li Hongzhi who founded Falun Gong.] I helped them undo the preoccupation in their hearts, and guided them to be a good person in any environment, to attach importance to morality, and to lessen the worries of their families. They were changing for the better. I did what a guard was unable to do. Female guards saw the inmates were no longer restless, they were changing for the better, and they avoided seeing everything I did. Falun Gong reduced their working pressure because what Prisons and Camps were most afraid of was disturbance caused by inmates’ homesick in New Year and other holidays.

在那裏我時刻沒有忘記被它們洗腦後「轉化」的昔日同修們。看到她們排著隊去食堂吃飯,我想到了師父。我的心一陣劇痛,「恥辱」二字堵住了我的心臟,我的血液在倒流,眼含淚水衝到普教的窗口,對著大院食堂,我大聲的喊 「法輪大法好,法輪大法好……還我師父清白,還我師父清白」,「法輪大法好,……還我師父清白」……
While there, I never forgot the former fellow practitioners after they were “transformed” by brainwashing. Seeing them lining up at the canteen for meals, I thought of Master Li. A burst of sharp pain pierced my heart, the word “shame” blocked my heart, my blood flew backward, tears splashed on the window – .I yelled loudly across the canteen, “Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is good … my Master is innocent, my Master is innocent,” again and again “Falun Dafa is good, my Master is innocent …”

On May 10, without eating a grain of rice or drinking a sip of water for ten days, Longshan Labor Camp sent me back to Shenxin Labor Camp because they were afraid I might die in Longshan Labor Camp. They were also afraid I might affect their “transformation rate.”

When arriving at Shenxin Labor Camp, I saw Zou Guirong, Ren Dongmei, Zhao Suhuan and Zhou Yanbo, etc. Six Falun Gong practitioners including Zhao Suhuan also escaped from that “male black den” alive. The nine of us were again confined together. Because I didn´t eat or drink for ten days, I was dragged out by Shenxin Camp’s Captain Guo Yong along with some other male inmates to be savagely force-fed. Realizing that resolving the problem of our extended confinement was hopeless, Zou Guirong once again went on hunger strike to relieve my pressure of being persecuted, and two other practitioners also went on hunger strike successively. We used this act to strongly request to see the head of Shenyang Judicial Bureau.

不記得是哪一天,我和趙素環被灌完食後叫到樓上,在那裏我們倆見到了瀋陽市的司法局長 韓廣生。他聽完了我們的經歷,我跟他講了我被馬三家殘酷的迫害被針紮的事件和被關男所事件。我們已經面臨超期關押,他問了一些事情,他說看過我們的材料。我們的事情他說回去會研究。於是我們都吃了飯,等著他回去研究的結果。
I can’t remember on which day after we were force-fed, Zhao Suhuan and I were called upstairs where we met with the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau head Han Guangsheng. After he finished listening to our story, I told him the persecutions I experienced in Masanjia: tortured brutally, poked by needles, and locked in a male cell. Our sentence was already extended. He asked some things, and said he read our materials, that he would study our situation after he went back. So we ate and waited for the result of his report.

Again I can’t remember on which day, the result was out. Masanjia Labor Camp No.2 Female Building’s vicious Guard Wang Shuzeng (this was the sound of her name – I’m not sure of the spelling) took three files to Shenxin Camp to deliver the extended terms of Zou Guirong, Ren Dongmei, and me, and asked us to sign on the extended term papers. Unable to accept the fact and almost mentally collapsed, Zou Guirong tore up the extended term paper. I told her not to tear it up but to save it for the future as evidence of our persecution. Wang Shuzeng said, the term was extended, tearing it or not, and took the file bag and left. We, therefore, once again went on hunger strike to protest, requesting unconditional release, because we had no other means, we could only refuse eating the Camp food. Although we were confined physically, we had to remain resolute spiritually.

絕食期間,我和鄒桂榮被關進禁閉室,我們倆被隔開,我在一號禁閉室,鄒桂榮在三號,郭勇天天和宋曉石還有院長助理鄧陽帶著男犯人拖拽著我們去灌食,幾天後鄒桂榮被強按著紮點滴,她不配合拒絕扎針,拔掉針頭,惡警郭勇就重重地打她,她的臉被扇紅了,五個手指痕印在她臉上。我焦急的在禁閉室內看著這一切,不停的搖撼鐵門大聲揭露邪惡,很想把惡警們的注意力引到我這裏來,來減輕鄒桂榮的被毒打的壓力。看到我的同修遭到如此的毒打,我心在滴血,在禁閉室裏我不停的大聲喊鄒桂榮的名字,「鄒桂榮!鄒桂榮! 鄒….!你們不許打她!不許打她!」,鄒桂榮也喊著我的名字。我和鄒桂榮每天兩次被惡警和男犯人從禁閉室強行拖拽出去灌食。男犯人拖拽我的過程中對我有猥褻行為,我大聲揭露邪惡,指責沈新教養院違反法律,利用男犯給我們野蠻流氓式的灌食。沒有想到的是,那次的抗議他們竟聽進去了。接下來給了我戲劇般的一個回覆。
During the hunger strike, Zou Guirong and I were put in separate confinement cells; I was in No.1 cell and Zou in No.3. Guo Yong, Song Xiaoshi, Camp Director’s assistance Deng Yang, and some male inmates came every day to drag us out for force-feeding. A few days later, while they held Zou down to push in the intravenous drip, she yanked the needle out. The vicious Guard Guo Yong hit her severely. Her face was slapped red with five finger marks on it. Anxiously watching all this from my cell, I kept shaking the iron door and loudly yelling against their wickedness in the hope to divert the vicious guards’ attention to me and thus lightening Zou’s pressure of being savagely beaten. Watching my fellow practitioner being so brutally beaten, I kept on calling Zou’s name loudly from my cell, “Zou Guirong!Zou Guirong! –You are not allowed to beat her! not allowed to beat her!” Zou also called my name. Zou and I were dragged out of our confinement cells by vicious guards and male inmates for force-feeding twice a day, every day. While dragging me, the male inmates molested me. I yelled to tell the wickedness, accused Shenxin Labor Camp of violating the law, using male inmates to barbarously force-feed us gangster style. What I didn´t anticipate was they listened that time, and what followed was a dramatic response.

A group of young men dressed in white (among them some male prison physicians and Guo Yong) holding various apparatus for force-feeding, stood outside the confinement cells’ iron door. I was shocked, I thought I was in a hospital, didn´t know what was happening. I soon recovered from the shock and saw they were the Captains and male inmates who normally dragging me out for force-feeding. Those male inmates also wore white outer garments with white gloves on both hands, Looking solemn as if they were just given a strict briefing, they appeared very formal but “potatoes is potatoes” and can never pretend to be sweet potatoes. It was too funny, I didn´t know whether to laugh or cry. Although their clothes had changed – “black hand” became “white hand” – their vicious nature did not change. I was surrounded and beaten by this group of white shadows, and once again was dragged out to be force-fed savagely. My nose, throat, and stomach were all bleeding from the insertion.

Later on, my stomach could no longer take the intubations, male inmates squeezed my nose hard to pour into my mouth, several times, I almost choked to death from it.

Eleven days later, because of my incontinence and hematuria, the Camp carried bruised Zou Guirong, Zhou Yanbo, and me to Shenyang Dabei underground prison hospital. At the time we were already out of shape, as thin as matches, had had nervous breakdowns, and were covered with scars.

On May 27 just after 9 am, Shenxin Labor Camp Director Liu Jing, Block Captains Song Xiaoshi, Guo Yong, two male physicians in white, Assistant to Director Deng Yang, a tubby middle-aged female instructor (couldn’t remember the name), and a group of prison guards and female Captains not familiar to us, all came in the confinement cell. This line-up frightened me. Song Xiaoshi, holding a set of keys, opened the cell door and, having found handcuff keys, released me from hanging up. At the time I had been hanging up the whole night, and I had incontinence and hematuria. Liu Jing said, “If you remain stubborn and don´t value your life, Jiang Zemin has given orders to use the extermination policy. Stubborn Falun Gong practitioners like you could be beaten to death to death and it would not help your cause because being beaten to death would be counted as suicide. If you are still so foolish as to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, the nature of your death would not be on my shoulders.”

The tubby middle-aged female instructor walked up to me and said anxiously that I had a kid, a good future, I was a talented woman, I would certainly be a successful entrepreneur with boundless prospects so I should not be too headstrong with the Falun Gong issue. She said, “You could lose your life. There is still time to sign the “Transformation Paper” and stay alive to go home and practice.” She called me ‘child’. I said, “Thank you. If we hadn’t met like this I believe we would be like mother-daughter. But do you want me to break faith and abandon my rights to stay alive?, Do you want me to betray and harm Master against my will? Would a mother tell her child to behave like this? Would you respect me then?”

The female Captains came over all talking at once how ungrateful I was. Director Liu Jing
told Song Xiaoshi to take us away. Zou Guirong, Zhou Yanbo, and I were carried out of the confinement cells and into a van with two large electric batons inside.

8. Underground Prison Hospital of Shenyang Dabei Prison

I didn’t know the history or origin of the underground prison hospital (Underground Supervision Hospital) of Shenyang Dabei Prison. We didn´t know where we were being taken to even at the last minute before we arrived at the supervised hospital. As the van drove to the compound, Song Xiaoshi, Deng Yang, the director assistant of Shenxin Labor Camp (holding a file bag in her hands) took me through some procedures. Then a middle-aged male came out from the iron door of the compound. Song Xiaoshi Deng and Yang walked over and said a few words to him and then asked the three of us to get out of the van. We helped each other to get off. That man led us to the middle of the yard, toward a passageway inside an iron gate leading underground.

我恐懼萬分,停住了腳步,不敢再向前邁步。我的皮膚瞬間起了一層雞皮疙瘩,身體瞬間冷的直打牙骨,我顫抖的問那個男的,你要把我們帶到哪裏,他看著我驚慌失措的眼神,對我說:這裏是監獄的犯人醫院,我姓郭(後來知道他是郭勇的弟弟),你們不要害怕。我們都顫抖著身體跟著他走了下去。走到再也看不到洞口時,我看到了一個鐵欄杆門,門前有個辦公桌,桌上放著登記冊。那裏坐著一個沒有著裝(穿的是便服)的二十四、五歲的年輕小夥子,他凳子的右側開著一扇厚厚的、看樣子很重的隔音鐵門(我在那男黑窩,和馬三家的小號見過這種門,但這裏的門要比那些地方的重和厚,重厚度至少多出一倍),等我們走到跟前被登記時,我看到了那個開著的鐵門裏,是個凹狀的水池子,裏邊有水。看樣子我們到 那時,那裏正在放風,那個小夥子見我看到那裏,就把那門關上了,等我再想看時,甚麼都沒有了,就是一面牆。我的思維瞬間被這一幕弄亂了,在懷疑自己的視覺。(後來回到家,我看到石家莊女法輪功學員丁延被迫害致死在水牢裏的報導,我腦海裡瞬間出現了在地下監管醫院看到的那個凹狀的水池。我現在確定那就是水牢。相關報導連結: 獄中得法的大法弟子憶丁延石家莊大法弟子丁延被承德監獄惡警虐殺 電影 《震撼》 完整版 “Shake the World” 大陸禁片–V/4/rH/77248.html

I was so fearful that I stopped and didn´t dare to go forward another step. Instantly, I had goose bumps all over my skin, my body immediately got so cold that my teeth quivered. While shivering, I asked that man where they were taking us. He looked at my frightened eyes and said to me, “This is Prison’s inmates hospital. I am Guo (later on I learned that he was Guo Yong’s brother,) you need not be afraid.” I followed him down the steps with my shivering body. When we could no longer see the entrance steps, I saw an iron barred door with a desk in front of it. On the desk was a registration booklet. A plainclothes 24 or 25-year-old young man was sitting there. On the right side of his stool was an opened, very thick, very heavy-looking soundproofed iron door. (I had seen this kind of door in that male black den and Masanjia’s solitary confinement, but the door here was at least twice as heavy and thick.) When we walked to the desk to register, I saw beyond the opened iron door, a deep pool of water. It looked like the inmates were being let out into the yard when we got there but when that young man saw me looking at the pool, he made a point of shutting that door. When I strained to see inside again, I could see nothing, just the door. My thoughts were immediately messed up by this scene. I could not work out what it was. (Later on, after I returned home, I read about Shijiazhuang Dafa practitioner Ding Yan being persecuted to death in a water dungeon, I thought of that scene. I am sure now what I saw in the underground supervision hospital is the water dungeon.Please see: A Practitioner Who Obtained the Fa in Jail Recalls Dafa Practitioner Ms. Ding Yan and also and also For specifics about water dungeons read–V/H/W/49890.html Illustrations of Torture Methods Used to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners (19-30))















The iron barred door behind the guard opened, two female prisoners came out. The young guard told them to search our bodies, assign cells and take us there. When the iron door locking sound rang again, we suddenly heard a male voice miserably crying for help as if his heart and lungs were torn apart into pieces, “Help! Help quickly!” The female cell guard saw how afraid we were. She told us that this was a prison hospital and it was like this every day. “On the other side of the iron door, the patients are all sick male inmates,” she said. “The one who’s crying out loud has been here for more than ten years. He’s a political prisoner. Don’t be afraid – aren’t you all Falun [Falun Gong practitioners]? There have been Falun coming here all the time. (Later on when I went to the toilet room, I saw that political prisoner. He was very tall, his hair and beard were long and messy. His hair and face were covered with excrement. He wore handcuffs and fetters. When we heard the loudest sound of fetters and handcuffs, it was him coming out. There were special guards watching him.)

We entered the room and the three of us were assigned to one twin bed in the hallway. On the bed was a very ragged yellowish blanket. The guard threw in a cotton cover full of different sized holes; when we squeezed it hard water dripped from it. At this point, we realized there was no concept of night and day, all was dark and damp. There was a battered wooden screen at the end of the hallway behind which were urinals of various shapes and sizes . We were only allowed to use the latrine twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. At that time we lived in the hallway with the screen next to our heads. I cannot forget the smell to this day.

When we arrived, Ms. Wang, who was responsible for No.2 room, walked up to us. She was about 50 years old and took the initiative to understand from us the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. She also told us some situations of Falun Gong practitioners being beaten that she had seen. For detail see “I met 34 Falun Gong practitioners in prison.” 《我在獄中見到的三十四位法輪功弟子》

Ms. Wang saw that I was hurt badly and called me to her cell. She gave me some supplies and said to me,〝You must eat to keep alive first. Sun Hongyan who was sent by Longshan Labor Camp was often dragged out by a handyman (male inmate) to be force-feed, and ended up incontinent. People here said that she was tortured so badly. She was nearly dead when they released her. And she died right after returning home. You must survive no matter what, and teach us the Falun Gong exercises.〞I said,〝Alright, let’s learn together, I have not learned the complete five sets of exercise yet.〞

於是鄒桂榮和周豔波就教我們煉功,她們兩個都會背經文,我只會背《論語》、《洪吟》,那裏兩個房四十多人有一多半的犯人跟我們學煉功,每個人都會背幾首《洪吟》。我在那裏學會了全部的功法。大北監獄的女病犯們,通過背誦《洪吟》後,很 少再聽到罵人、貪佔別人的物品了。我們三個的身體通過學法煉功,很快恢復了一些元氣。〔註:《論語》:《轉法輪》前言 。《洪吟》: 法輪功創始人李洪志先生的詩集。〕
Thereafter, Zou Guirong and Zhou Yanbo taught us the exercises. They both could recite scriptures, while I could only recite “Lunyu” [“On Buddha Law,” also known as “Lunyu,” written by Li Hongzhi. It prefaces Zhuan Falun and other books by Mr. Li Hongzhi. ] and “Hong Yin”[“Grand Verses” by Li Hongzhi ]. Of the 40 some people in the two cells, more than half were learning the exercises with us, everyone could recite a few poems in “Hong Yin.” I learned all five sets of the exercises. After reciting “Hong Yin,” female inmates in Dabei Labor Camp rarely cursed others or took other people’s things. The three of us recovered some vitality rapidly through learning the Fa and practicing the exercises.

On June 5, 2001, seeing the three of us were still alive, which was not what they expected, Shenxin Labor Camp felt saying goodbye to us was in vain. Shamed into anger, they dragged us back to Shenxin Labor Camp.

Back to Shenxin Labor Camp, this group of evil guards yelled at us so loud it seemed they hag lost their minds. They said the three of us made the prison hospital a Falun world, a Falun Gong exercise ground.

On the third day after we were sent back to Shenxin Labor Camp, a group of guards came straight out of a meeting into our room. They tried to force us to wear the prison uniform. I went all out refusing to wear it. A group of men and women guards dragged me to Guo Yong’s Office. Guo Yong immediately picked up the big electric baton on the desk and electric shocked me. The sizzling sound seemed to echo throughout the entire hallway. He continued to shock me, saying I was a reeducation-through-labor subject in the Camp and had to put on the clothes – wearing them or not, I was a reeducation-through-labor subject. I fell on the sofa from being electric shocked. I told him, I had committed no crime; that he was committing a crime doing what he was doing to me; that the clothes fitted him the best and he was the one most suited to wearing them. He poked his electric baton in my face and across my head. I fell on the floor and was dragged to a confinement cell by a bunch of female guards and male prisoners. Zou Guirong was also dragged into a confinement cell by a bunch of female guards while being yelled at and beaten. The No.1 and No.3 confinement cells became the base to persecute the two of us at will.


We two were relying on each other again. When a group of guards went upstairs – because there were another seven Falun Gong practitioners – and I was alone with Zou Guirong,she said to me: “Liping, Liping, it’s the two of us here again.” I said, “Yes, and it’s not too few. Even if you were the only one left alive in this world, you are not to put those sinful clothes on.” She said, “Yes I’ve got it, but Liping, how are you now?” I asked was she alright? She said in tears, “Liping, Liping. I cannot hold it anymore.” With two rows of silent tears I told her, “Don’t worry about me, I’m not going to die, I’ll always be with you.” She said, “I will always be with you too.” “It’s alright, I know,” I replied and asked her to you recite some Scripture for me. She asked which article I would like to listen to. I said, let us recite “Nonexistence” together, then you recite “Position” for me. She said, okay. 〔“Nonexistence” in “Hong Yin”. “Position” in “Essentials for Further Advancement II” (by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong) 〕

In the afternoon, this group of male and female guards and male inmates again charged into the confinement cells like bandits. Once again the two of us were the focus of their harassment. Among them, were male guards Song Xiaoshi, Guo Yong, and a middle-aged male guard who had been following and persecuting us all along. He rarely talked, I had not learned his name; and a female Guard Deng Yang. They entered the confinement cell. Not saying anything further, they pressed me down, stripped me naked and threw my clothes in the toilet room. I could not cover myself with my hands, my body was fumbled by this group of devils at will. My hair was pulled out all over the floor. My mind went blank, there is no human language that can describe that moment or my mood at that moment. I didn´t want to live anymore. That group of devils also stripped Zou Guirong naked. The sound of her struggle must have heard far away. She cried, I had never seen her crying in front of wickedness. The two of us had no words to exchange. Missing my son, two rows of tears quietly flowed down my face. With my arms hugging my shoulders, without hesitation, with my head bowed, I ran into the only sharp protrusion on the bathroom wall. The guards rushed through the door, pressed me down on the floor, and cuffed my hand to the iron grille on the floor. The bump on my head from hitting the wall was huge. Fainting with blurred vision, I placed one hand in front of my chest and stooped my body to shelter the front of my body with great difficulty, and I fell asleep lethargically, not hearing anything anymore.

The next day, Guo Yong, Song Xiaoshi, Deng Yang, two female guards, and two male inmates carrying shovels, iron pickaxes, and baskets came to the confinement cell. Deng Yang pointed at me and said to the male inmates, “Look at this shameless Falun Gong practitioner, doesn´t even wear clothes, she must have reached the highest level in cultivation.” The two male inmates looked at me and laughed. The sharp object I´d dashed my head into was sawn off and smeared over with cement. I could only use one hand to hold my shoulder and my naked body was exposed for random viewing. Luckily, the flying dust shielded me and spared me some of the humiliation.

見我寧可光著也不穿他們的勞教服,以郭勇、宋 小石、鄧陽為首的一群男女警察和男犯人們又一次的衝到禁閉室,進來就把我摁倒,打開手銬,強行給我套上了那罪惡的、代表勞教人員的衣服。這回他們把我的雙手都銬在了地上的鐵網上。我的精神再次崩潰,一口鮮血湧出來,我又開始了吐血。
Seeing that I´d rather be naked then wearing the Camp uniform, once again, a group of male and female guards and male inmates headed by Guo Yong, Song Xiaoshi, and Deng Yang came in and pressed me down, opened the handcuffs, and forcibly put the Camp uniform that represented crime on me. This time, they cuffed both of my hands on the floor iron grille. My spirit crashed again, a mouthful of blood gushed out, and I began vomiting blood again.

This time I wasn´t on hunger strike, it was too “disgusting.” For days without food or water, I was once again dragged out by those devils to be force-fed. Perhaps I was too weak, they didn´t drag me as hard, so I figured I could start talking reasonably with them. I asked if they had women at home, mother, wife or daughter, if they thought of them when they did these things to me.

Every time I was pulled out for force-feeding, I would go through the courtyard of the Camp, and every time, four male inmates held my four limbs with my face up, to drag me away.

With grievances but nowhere to sue, no-one to tell, I shouted to the sky over the Camp, “Falun Dafa is Good.” “Falun Dafa is Good.” “Shenyong Camp persecuted decent people – this is intolerable to Heaven. Falun Gong (practitioners) had been extensively detained, not permitted to see their families. Shenyong Camp has violated the law while enforcing it, beat people at will, force-fed people savagely. It is they who broke our family ties. Do not listen to the lies on TV, Falun Gong has done no wrong!” Under the white cloud, I saw shaven heads behind the iron windows of various floors. As I continued shouting, more shaven heads appeared. Later on, on my way to be force-fed, they would extend their hands out and gave me a thumbs up, some even saluted me, the shaven heads became my fans. This time, all floors knew Falun Gong was persecuted, and Falun Gong became the topic of their leisure conversation. Heaven must have arranged that they were not out doing hard labor at that time.

One day, there was a boy outside the window cleaning the courtyard. He secretly handed me a bottle of coke and a loaf of bread through the iron barred window. He said, “Lady, you were really great, really amazing. You dared to give lessons to the guards. This was something for you from a guy upstairs. We can’t help but admire you. If you have any problems, let me know, we will all help you.” I said,”Memorise my house phone number quickly and be sure to tell my family about my situation.” He said, he would ask them to figure out a resolution to the visiting times. I asked him to take the food away quickly, not to let guards see it or his stay there may be prolonged. He moved his head further and saw both of my hands were cuffed. He quickly stuffed the bottle of cola and loaf of bread in his clothes and said to me while sweeping the ground, “It took me a lot of effort to bring the food here.” I thanked him but he was disappointed that I didn’t take the food. (Later on, this boy helped me, so that my mother was able to come to see me. But I wasn’t allowed to see her.)

More and more male inmates upstairs and downstairs would go to the iron barred windows waiting for my voice at the fixed time. I saw them fight for the window space. Guo Yong also saw it. The guards who carried me out for force-feeding saw the thumbs up outside the windows. They were terrified.

Soon after this, they stopped taking me this way. They opened a new force-feeding passage. On the way to being force-fed, I was propped up by two male general education staff (no longer carried by four.) To one side was a group of male and female Captains. Guo Yong told me, it cost 50 RMB for each force-feeding and they were going to collect it from my family. I told him “My family have no money – you are committing crimes while aware of it. Instead of solving our problems, you use force-feeding to persecute us.” Flustered and exasperated, Guo grabbed my hair with his left hand and used the other hand punched my lower back repeatedly. My right leg instantly moved upward involuntarily. I was in so much pain I couldn´t help but cry out loud. The pain was unbearable. He yelled while beating me, “Who persecuted you? Who saw me persecuting you? Who saw me beating you? Find a witness! If you are able enough, go ahead and sue me!” Sweating throughout my body from pain, I kept on crying out loud. When carried back to the confinement cell, I could no long stand up, my lower back was in unbearable pain. I could not stretch my right leg. I had one leg long and one short.

The next day, Song Xiaoshi, Deng Yang, and another two Captains along with two male inmates wearing the prison uniform yanked me out of the confinement cell and into a van. I was taken to Shenyang No.8 Institute. My lower back was photographed. I didn’t know the result but Guo was rarely left alone with me after that.

That middle-aged small male Captain whose name I didn’t know and who rarely opened his mouth while participated in the persecution of us every time, one day, opened the confinement cell iron barred door carrying a bag of dumplings. He opened the handcuff from one of my hands and said, “You don’t want to eat the Camp food. This was sent by your mother. It should be edible to you, right?” Hearing about mother, my tears fell like rain. I asked that Captain, “You let my mother and I communicate like this? Could you eat dumplings under these kind of circumstances?” He left and locked the door. I saw the dumplings on the floor. I cried my eyes out. I had not seen my mother once while in Shenyong Camp.

(To be continued)


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