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梅首相吃薯条被嫌弃 英国大选 趣事一堆

英国媒体劝告政客,最好不要当众吃东西,因为太影响形象了,即使干净整洁的首相也不例外。但是保守党的支持者表示,即使首相把番茄酱蹭到鼻子上,他们还会把票投给她,因为人们不关心她怎么吃薯条,人们只关心她如何应对脱欧的难题。(DYLAN MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

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【大纪元2017年05月09日讯】(大纪元英国记者站报导)英国原定2020年举行大选,却因脱欧一事提前3年举行,时间定在今年6月8日,所以现在英国各党派都在忙这件事,再忙也要吃饭吧, 可怜首相梅在参加康沃尔郡Mevagissey地区举行的一个竞选活动中,忙里偷闲地吃点薯条也被镜头逮到啦!


英国媒体劝告政客,最好不要当众吃东西,因为太影响形象了,即使干净整洁的首相也不例外。但是保守党的支持者表示,即使首相把番茄酱蹭到鼻子上,他们还会把票投给她,因为人们不关心她怎么吃薯条,人们只关心她如何应对脱欧的难题。(DYLAN MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
英国媒体劝告政客,最好不要当众吃东西,因为太影响形象了,即使干净整洁的首相也不例外。但是保守党的支持者表示,即使首相把番茄酱蹭到鼻子上,他们还会把票投给她,因为人们不关心她怎么吃薯条,人们只关心她如何应对脱欧的难题。(DYLAN MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 03: Police officers speak to a Daily Mirror campaigner dressed as a chicken outside a venue where Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond and Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, David Davis, are due to make an election campaign speech on June 8th, on May 3, 2017 in London, England. Mr Davis rejected a reported bill of as much as 100 billion euros from the European Union, and threatened to walk away from the bloc without a deal if provoked. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)
黄毛大公鸡也来掺和英国大选。自从英国首相拒绝与工党领袖进行面对面的辩论后,《每日镜报》经常派出一只大公鸡出现在保守党的大选活动现场外,抗议首相“胆小如鸡”。看,连左边的警察叔叔都觉得很搞笑呢。( Carl Court/Getty Images)
BEDFORD, ENGLAND - MAY 03: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attends a Labour Party general election campaign event on May 3, 2017 in Bedford, England. The Prime Minister visited HM The Queen today at Buckingham Palace to ask for the dissolution of Parliament signalling the official start to the General Election Campaign. Voters will go to the polls across the UK on June 8th. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)
BEDFORD, ENGLAND – MAY 03: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn 好香啊!工党领袖科尔宾在Bedford进行大选宣传期间,工党的支持者向他赠送了玫瑰。(Leon Neal/Getty Images)
KIDLINGTON, ENGLAND - MAY 03: Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron (R) puts his hand on Cillian crying as his mother the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Henley constituency Laura Coyle (L) looks on comforting him while Liberal Democrat candidate for the constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran (C) stands behind watching at a campaign event on May 3, 2017 in Kidlington, a village outside of Oxford, England. The country goes back to the polls for the second time in two years as a general election is held on June 8. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
真是尴尬!自民党领袖法隆在牛津进行大选宣传期间,自己党派的地方选举候选人带着女儿一起参加,结果小女孩当众哇哇大哭。(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)